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Tagged, Features, And Everything Else

Sun Sep 28, 2014, 8:32 AM

Hey guys!

First off, I've been tagged by the ever-awesome :iconthe-original-rper: and therefore must answer his questions. Which I will do!

Let's start with 10 facts about myself.

1. I have no idea what I want to do as a career. I'm in my mid-twenties...

2. I'm a cynic. 

3. If I was a wrestler, my entrance song would be "New Noise" by Refused. 

4. I'm a hypochondriac. 

5. I'm a mostly sympathetic guy, but I have a really short fuse if you piss me off.

6. I support some underlying concepts of Social Darwinism. 

7. If I ever travel out of Canada, I'll steer clear of countries with volcanoes. If I can't, I'll steer clear of the cities where the volcanoes are.

8. University has taught me the value of a good night's sleep.

9. I never understood the classifications "Indie" and "Alternative" in music. Indie isn't a sound, it just means a band can't get on an actual label. Alternative isn't a musical style, it's just a grey amorphous blob where middle-of-the-road electric guitar-led bands are engulfed. (Told you I was a cynic - you were warned).

10. I've known my best friends for 11 years. We'll still hang out when we're old bags of bones, wrinkles and arthritis.


Now, onto The-Original-RPer's questions!

1. If you could legally take ownership of one fictional character, who would it?

Cruella De Vil. I think that much is obvious - she's so well-designed (and a source of inspiration for my own A. S. Phyxia).

2. Least favorite color?

Chalky pale purple/pink.

3. Death by Ice or death by Fire?

Ice. It seems... less violently painful.

4.Spring or Fall?

Fall. One of my good friends nicknamed me the Boy Of Autumn. I think it fits me well.

5. Favorite accent?

British. Oh so British...

6. Who's OC would you let steal a kiss from you?

:iconthefancytunafish:'s Fancy Tuna or Persis. They seem like my kind of gals - by which I mean awesome. Persis has that motherly charm to her, too. A big winner in my eyes!

7. If you got to spend an 8-hour plane ride next to one artist or writer (living or dead) who would it be?

Devin Townsend. He's the right mix of funny and interesting, off-the-wall and insightful, and it reflects in his music. I'd also ask him WHY he bothers to bring Anneke Van Ginsbergen on otherwise kickass albums... She so fuckin' doesn't fit his music. But that's besides the point.

8. What fictional setting (video game, book, etc) would you NOT mind being trapped in for the rest of your life?

As much as I find the Mortal Kombat mythos amazing, I'd steer clear... Probably... Man, that's a good question. I'll say Skyrim. Well, the Elder Scrolls universe. But I'd invent paper towel. Because, you know... hygiene reasons and whatnot.

9. Is it better to be feared or loved?

Feared, but not by a long shot. I enjoy feeling loved too.

10. Smoking or non-smoking?

Me? Non-smoking. I don't mind for other people though (which is pretty obvious if you've ever been through my gallery).


Thou shall fear thine wrath of me mighty (and totally optional) tags!

:iconlordwormm: :iconbunny75: :iconthefancytunafish: :iconhaymaker-studios: :iconplummypress: :icongpapanto:  :iconxdante619: :iconspeedslide: :iconzebesian: :iconking-chromo:

Now, tremble in fear before my questions!

1. Who's your favourite music artist and why?

2. How much does a hipster weigh?

3. What is the most outlandish thing you've seen on the internet? (Please keep things in good taste here)

4. Do you agree with the Beer Theory? (People tend to prefer a certain hair colour in the opposite sex (or however you have it) that corresponds the colour of a beer. For example, someone who likes amber lagers will like brunettes and redheads.)

5. What's your favourite gaming console of all time?

6. If you were a pickle, what vegetable would you want to be?

7. Low-brow humour or High-brow?

8. What kind of job would you never be able to do and why?

9. Do you have any special skills that set you apart from other people?

10. How do you think the end of humanity will happen?


Now, moving on to the "Features" part of the journal. I will continue from my previous feature journal and add people.


The Arinith Tribe by ZebesianThe Human Race by Zebesian3rd Degree Rebel: Melody by Zebesian

Zebesian's got vision, creativity, and the artistic talent to back it up. His pieces are always vibrant and evocative, even when drawing simple things like a bearded guy holding a microphone. And to top it off, he's a genuinely nice guy, too! He's very enthusiastic about GlenverseTCG and a great advice-giver, artistically speaking. All in all, a great deviant who more than deserves your attention! You'd be a fool not to click on his icon after reading this, I tell you!


Splash01 Teaser by NyQuilDreamerEerie - Card Art by NyQuilDreamerHalloween Costume Contest by NyQuilDreamer

I'm fairly certain I already said this countless times, but NyQuilDreamer is awesome. There you have it, plain and simple. He's one of the most supportive and kind people on this website, plus he's super talented. Go give his webcomic Nextuus a looksie, you won't be disappointed! As of now, he's 637 pages in - and counting! So, what are you going still reading this? Go have a look at his gallery, foo'! 


As far as life goes, I'm tired as all fuck. University is taking an almighty toll on me, and work just finishes the job. Is it bad if I already want to be in late December so I can get two weeks of rest?

Now, project-wise, the Glenmetropolis Comic is on hold. Every that takes more than five minutes to do is on hold, artistically speaking. I'll try to work on whatever I have going on whenever I can, but my schedule is fucked six ways to Sunday and I don't know when things will settle down again. Hopefully, that'll be sooner rather than later.

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