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Game Over - Timothe Vs. Boseman by gPsBassist
Game Over - Timothe Vs. Boseman
Ok. So this is one idea that escalated completely out of proportions.

It began with me wanting to reintroduce Timothe into my roster, probably for a new story (in which you'll see classic characters that didn't make it in Coast). And so I drew him taking out some guy unlucky enough to cross paths with him. And that's when things got weird. 

I tried to reanimate one of my old video game concepts, so I put in a background and started working on a heads-up display. Which took more time to do properly than the drawing itself... Things were added, then deleted, moved, added again, lighting effects were tested, it was a real mess. Until I opted for this minimal, retro interface. And yes, as a homage to great Japanese role-playing games of my youth, the player characters are on the right side of the screen.

Of course, the interface isn't perfect, and I'm not sure it'd make it in an actual video game. But for the drawing, I think it works.

I might actually delve deeper into this universe, flesh out Boseman a bit more. I think the logo on his shirt flashes red when he's in danger. Not sure if I'll actually keep that though.

Timothe Keller, Boseman © :icongpsbassist:
CP #06 - Eerie by gPsBassist
CP #06 - Eerie
I'm not dead, guys! Artistically or otherwise! University has returned into my life, making it a goddamn time management hell. I sketched this around Wednesday this week but only got to finish it today.
Anyhow, sixth in our Coast Profiles is Eerie. 

Agatha Fosco was once a star. Well, "star" is a bit exaggerated - fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming an actress, she landed a minor role in a B-grade telenovela called Corazon Culpable. As its name indicates, it was a run-of-the-mill, cheesy soap opera with one-dimensional characters and needlessly convoluted plot lines. Agatha's role, the rebellious Lupe, is killed off-screen at the end of the second season.

Lupe's death in the series was foreshadowing of events that would transpire in Agatha's life. Walking back to her apartment late at night, she cut through a backstreet, unintentionally witnessing a drug transaction gone wrong. She pleaded, trying to convince the criminals she wouldn't talk to the cops if they just let her go. High on cocaine and adrenaline, they paid little heed to her pleas, gunning her down. She received three bullets to the left shoulder, and a fatal one in the right lung. Agatha fell down, the rustling of the men fleeing the scene drowned by the intensifying buzzing of silence. The young woman bled profusely as she lay on her side, life slithering away from her limp, helpless body. Her vision was disrupted, fading to white. It was over...

The following moments are still unclear to this day. Agatha saw what seemed like the inside of a giant worm, tunnelling inside it at a steady pace. Her voice, feeble, called out to herself. "Wake up. You can't die! It's not your time!"

Her eyes fluttered open. She laid perfectly still, on her back. Before her eyes could actually focus, she noticed she was... lighter, as if weight had been removed from her very being. Was this Heaven? Hell? Purgatory? Was she still lying on the concrete backstreet, bleeding out and delirious in her final moments? Or was it the weightlessness of ascension to another plane of existence?

The answer came as she finally managed to catch a glance of her surroundings. She had been stripped of her clothes, wrapped in a large silken shawl that covered her entire body. Instinctively, the young woman felt her shoulder - Two bullet wounds, not fresh, but rather, scarred, as if attended to. The same for the entry wound below her right breast, the one that had punctured her lung. It became more and more obvious to Agatha that she was still alive. Someone had managed to find her and tend to her wounds...

Someone who wasn't an accredited surgeon, if her current surroundings were any clue -  a circular room carved in stones lit solely by a round hole in the ceiling, most likely a cavern turned into a ritual room of sorts. Agatha herself had been placed on an altar, elevated granite slab in the middle of the circular room. Questions swarmed the lady's mind, and a feeling of unrest overtook her. She wrapped the shawl around her body and got up, walking quickly, then running. Where to, she didn't yet know. But she couldn't stay "there" anymore.

Agatha was stopped in her tracks by a man, wearing an all-black bodysuit and crudely carved stone mask. The vision alone was enough to startle the already agitated young woman, but his voice, and the words he would speak, would stop her in her tracks, keeping her safely in the cavern for a few more days.

To this day, Agatha barely speaks of what happened in the cavern. Her current travelling parter, one Rufus Radwick, says it was the moment she learned about her power. Had they been imbued to her as she died, or had they been lying within her from birth, that, he doesn't know. But the man, priest for the necromantic cult calling themselves the Mæstus, had managed to bring Agatha back from the dead, and informed the lady of her own necromantic capacities. 

Agatha, during the time spent in the cavern, mastered the ability to reanimate and control the undead. Finding poetry in the idea of becoming a vigilante, as well as to metaphorically avenge her own death, she vowed to roam the Earth, protecting those in need. A noble, if clichéd, quest. Upon her travels, she came upon a rugged explorer, Rufus Radwick. Rufus searched the globe far and wide for an artifact called the Guidelight, mentioning something about its connections to other planes of existence. Intrigued, Eerie abandoned her "dark knight" quest to help Radwick in his travels. The pair has since made its way to Glenmetropolis, where it is rumoured, others were likely looking for the Guidelight.


Name: Eerie
Real Name: Agatha Luiza Fosco
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Age: 30
IQ: 133
Hair: Dark hazelnut
Eyes: Dark hazelnut
Occupation: Necromancer, Traveler
Lives In: No fixed location
Nationality: Spanish
Birthplace: Zurgena, Asturias, Spain
Alignment: N/A
Family: N/A
Marital Status: Single
Combat Archetype: Sorcery (Necromancy)
Source Of Power: Unknown
Signature Style: Use of black magic and calling upon the undead
Weapon(s): N/A
Motivation For Seeking The Guidelight: Helping her traveling partner

Eerie, other aforementioned characters © :icongpsbassist:
How many of you have a Tumblr to post your drawings on?
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CP #05 - Toothpick by gPsBassist
CP #05 - Toothpick
I think I'll start altering between antagonists and protagonists after a set number. Just did four antagonists, so here's the first of a group of four protagonists. I give you Toothpick - War veteran, gear head, engineer and on-the-side arms dealer.

A former member of the now-disbanded American Mobile Strike Force and squamate of Christopher "Kingsaim" Zachlin, Tristan "Toothpick" Wayfarer was Infantry Cell 18's most prominent engineer. Cars, boats, planes, weapons - if it didn't work right, Toothpick was your guy. His nickname was coined both because of his (then) slimmer-then-average stature, as well as the actual toothpick he always had in his mouth to camouflage slight stuttering. Despite being more at home in the hangers and garages used by the AMSF, Toothpick is also a skilled gunman. Proficient with pistols, his aim rivals with that of Kingsaim, and to this day their friendly rivalry still lives on.

Born and raised in Fort Pemberwick, Texas, Tristan Wayfarer learned he had a knack for mechanics in high school, after repairing a faulty water fountain. It was barely an interest at first, but as he became more and more handy, he developed an interest for general mechanics, then auto mechanics. An established gearhead by age 20, Toothpick enrolled in the AMSF reserves, to help amass funds to get his own garage. Over the course of his two-month stint in the reserves, he was offered to join one of the infantry cells. That meant permanent work, away from his family and friends. It also meant more than double the pay he got from working in the reserves. After a few moments of reflection, Tristan accepted.

Thus began a triumphant era. With the US government's endless supply of enemies, the AMSF was never out of work. Travelling around the world along with the rest of Infantry Cell 18, repairing and operating various vehicles, weapons and machinery, killing terrorists in the name of "Freedom"... After twelve years, it lost its charm. Fed up with bureaucratic nonsense and archaic ideologies, Wayfarer defected to Canada. And just in time, too.

Seven months after Toothpick quit the AMSF, the organisation collapsed, leaving thousands of agents stranded overseas in a political (and sometimes practically literal) shitstorm. All the while, Toothpick had already set up shop in Quatre-Monts, Québec, repairing and maintaining old military vehicles and the such. However, Toothpick also keeps a wide array of military grade weapons in stock. He tries not to sell to people too shady to his taste, but at the end of the day, money makes the decisions more than he does. Heck, Toothpick would even sell weapons to pacifists, but they're not the most regular costumers.

With Heaven's End's apparition, Toothpick is called upon by Fourstrings and other members of the F.L.O.O.D. to aid in their quest to stop the Chessmaster's plans, whatever they might be. Tristan accepts, with the promise he may keep any military-grade equipment the team doesn't claim during their travels. 

And his right hand? Don't anticipate a tale of courage and improbable odds typical of a 1980s action movie - he got drunk and it got stuck between two gears the size of a tire, crushing his arm up to the elbow. Fortunately, he's skilled enough to build himself a prosthetic.

Name: Toothpick
Real Name: Tristan Wayfarer
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 118 lbs.
Age: 38
IQ: 122
Hair: Copper
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Mechanic, Arms Dealer
Lives In: Quatre-Monts, Québec, Canada
Nationality: American
Birthplace: Fort Pemberwick, Texas, United States of America
Alignment: N/A
Family: Nate Wayfarer (Brother)
Marital Status: Single
Combat Archetype: Weapon-Based (Military)
Source Of Power: Training
Signature Style: Blend of CQC techniques and use of mid-range weapons
Weapon(s): Custom-made heat sword
Motivation For Seeking The Guidelight: Helping defeat The Chessmaster

Toothpick © :icongpsbassist:
Practice Safe Breath by gPsBassist
Practice Safe Breath
Lousy title because of chewing gum commercial. Got the tagline stuck in my head as I drew this.

Anyways. Even though I'm going in a more serious direction with Coast, that doesn't mean I can't draw characters that aren't involved in the story. Here, we have Harold in front of one of his many indoor pools (the bastard's rich), giving important lessons in transparency to his "lifeguard", Brock. Always one for safety, Harold never goes swimming without a hunky man ready to save his life if need be. Any excuse to have a cute boy around, really (Harold is gay, so what?)... But Brock's credentials didn't check out. At all. Rather quickly, the older gentleman discovered the man was actually trying to pry out information on Harold's criminal activities. That's the ONE thing Harold doesn't take kindly to - spies. Well, no there are many other things, but spies, especially obvious ones like Brock, boil his blood in a very special manner...

Instead of simply having his guards beat him out of his mansion, Harold decided to lure Brock to one of the pools to have some one-on-one time with the young man. Confronted by the older man about his "espionnage", Brock blatantly confessed, underestimating just how dangerous Harold can be despite his age. The art smuggler grabbed him by the collar and exhaled a healthy mix of his inhuman halitosis and thick cigarette smoke in Brock's face, knocking him out cold within seconds.


This drawing is meant to be a gift/fanservice for jmiranda133 of his Chris Hemsworth-inspired character, Brock. The whole thing was a blast to draw, despite the shady anatomy. Harold looks much more menacing in this, much like how I originally wanted him to look. I wasn't sure about the colour transition in his exhale at first, but now I'm growing to like it.

In other news, I like the idea of Harold only having one type of outfit, but with different colour palettes. Why change a winning combination, right?

Brock © :iconjmiranda133:
Harold Häas © :icongpsbassist:

What Is Coast?

Wed Dec 24, 2014, 10:06 AM

Hey guys.

So, valid question here: What is Coast?

Coast is the long-gestating project I've been working on ever since I started my journey on dA. It started with humorous pieces, strange pieces, until I started to put together a style I was comfortable with. In the beginnings I wanted to break into the indie superheroes realm, inspired by Lordwormm and bogmonster mostly. As I created more stable and elaborate characters, I came across the first of many groups where I'd post my art. My stint with the Deviant Universe was short, but agreeable, meeting awesome artists such as MadMonkeyDane, Haymaker-Studios, Bug-Off and Cartoonray to name only a few. However, having to respect strict deadlines at a moment in my life where I couldn't even be bothered to get out of bed and loaf around school for eight hours straight wasn't something I was really keen on. 

It was also around that time in my life I started getting along with Speedslide quite well. Over the years I've drawn his character Virtus with a few of my female characters, as I'm sure some of you also have. After all, they don't call him Virt The Flirt for nothing! It was around this period my first "idea" for a project was formed, the superhero city of Glenmetropolis. It was the start of something.

A little further down the road I befriended awesome folks like PlummyPress and AlienShores and for the first time, I tried to create a group, for a creative universe inspired by the DU - It failed. Horrendously. In the following months, a lot of my projects would meet a similar fate. It wasn't for lack of passion, but rather, lack of focus. Trying to do everything will only land you doing nothing. 

At that time, my personal life was far from being all sunshine and bunnies. Slowly departing from academics (seemingly for good), unable to find/keep a job for more than three months, emotionally drained and utterly confused about my future, I spiralled down into depression. I stopped drawing. I stopped making music. I became a creative mollusk (and a literal one, too). Glenmetropolis, it seemed, would never be worked on again. As anyone who's ever lived through of been affected by depression will tell you, it's not an easy road back to being yourself again. But by some miracle I made it out alive. I pulled through.

Slowly but surely, I started picking up the pencil again. But I couldn't draw. Or rather, what I drew didn't ressemble anything I'd done before, and not in a good way. I pieced my artistic knowledge, little as it is, back together, and started drawing the same subject matter. Over and over again. At that period I came across wonderful people like bunny75 and King-Chromo whose artistic approaches inspired me to do things differently. Slowly but steadily I started making art I was interested in again. Glenmetropolis was back on tracks after a long hiatus.

Glenmetropolis matured with me, and as such, my approach towards my creative universe changed radically. I started planning things, writing them down. For the first time, I was giving a hint of direction to this chaotic mess that was Glenmetropolis. At that time, as today, The-Original-RPer's help was invaluable. Not only did he give me feedback on my characters and stories, he influenced me to write more intricately, and to this day when I write something down my objective is to make it so he would approve of the choices I make.

More recently, I've gotten rather busy. Found a steady job I like, began taking university-level classes and, earlier this year, began my first actual semester of university by enrolling in a Pre-University Studies program to prepare for a bachelors degree next year. Therefore, art has taken less time in my life. I still managed to push on with Glenmetropolis, and met the amazing Zebesian, the über storyteller and artist NyQuilDreamer and the ever-refreshing and positive TheFancyTunaFish, all of whom helped me pull through those busy times with my head up high. But it was only a few weeks ago I realized what was missing in Glenmetropolis. It was lacking edge. It wasn't as serious as I wanted it to be. Therefore, I levelled Glenmetropolis as if it was a disaffected building, putting it back together with new, sturdier bricks. Glenmetropolis then became Coast, and the story pieced itself together naturally in my mind.

None of this would have been possible without the magnificent people on dA. So now, back to our question. What is Coast?

It's my story. It's your story. Our story.

To all of you who've made my life on dA what it is today, thank you, sincerely.
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and May The Force Be With You.


...I'm not even done writing. The answer above is a very kitsch (but sincere nonetheless) and quite philosophical answer. But concretely, what is Coast? Here are a few pointers:

Mortal Kombat minus the gore

I adore the Mortal Kombat mythos. Intricate stories, remarkable characters, and a plethora of themes - traditional occidental, science-fiction, dark fantasy, modern fantasy, you name it - Ed Boon has managed to take the best elements of each of those creative universes and crammed them into a melting pot of cohesive glory. Coast aims to do that to a certain extent. Hopefully, it won't become an unintelligible mess.

Alternative Culture

Some of you might've noticed a lot of my characters are pierced, tattooed or otherwise have some element of alternative culture. It's a very enticing theme for me, and including references to that in Coast was a must for me. Many of the characters in Coast are a direct or indirect reference to icons of tattooing, heavy metal and the such. For example, Mozz The Omniscient is a reference to metal icon Devin Townsend.

A Psychological Experiment

Oftentimes when you read action-oriented comics, you get just that - action. No depth of thought, no thorough cognitive logic, just people beating the heck out of each other for nonsensical moral differences. In Coast, I'm interested in giving a look inside the characters as well as an action-packed adventure story. You'll get a better understanding of the six main characters' train of thoughts, their motivations, you know... Depth. I'm not saying I'm the first and only person to do that, but it's one of my primary objectives with this project.

Something For Everyone

Dividing the story into six fragments means there are six different ways to look at the story. How one character perceives a certain person or event is going to be different from the other. In Coast, I'll strive to give six distinct points of view, six different lives, in a way.

I could go on with that list forever, but you've been reading for quite a while now. Take a moment to rest your eyes and spend time with your family in this holiest of seasons.
Merry Happy.

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How many of you have a Tumblr to post your drawings on? 

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