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It's A Meme!

Sun Jul 27, 2014, 11:48 AM

Don't worry guys, I haven't put art aside altogether. I'm working through a complex "scanner" situation at the moment, but I'll soon be able to get back to making drawings the way I used to.

But until then, THIS! (Stolen from The-Original-RPer)

Go to and type in your answers to the following questions.
Post the first definition it gives you.

1.) Your name?: Marc

1.) Physically attractive man. 
2.) Intellectually attractive man. 
3.) Emotionally attractive man. 

Has a voice so sweet he could make a wolverine purr. Most and probably best of all, he's more than you and yo momma combined.

Person a: what do you wanna be when you grow up? 
Person b: i wanna be Marc!

Huh... I ain't making this up - check for yourself! (I do have a relatively sweet voice, especially my singing voice).

2.) Your age?: 23

The greatest number of all time. 

Reasons why: It is... 

1. a prime number, as are 2 and 3. 
2. Michael Jordan's number. 
3. the NBA record for most consecutive points scored by a single player in a game, done by none other than Michael Jordan. 
4. the number of chromosomes in a human sperm or egg. 
5. the angle between the earth's magnetic and rotational axis. 
6. the Tropic of Cancer at 23 degrees N Latitude. 
7. the Tropic of Capricorn at 23 degrees S Latitude. 
8. a .com and the page is very cryptic. 
9. the most quoted Psalm in the bible ("The Lord is my shepherd...") 
10. the number of people executed in "A Tale of Two Cities" 
11. the smallest number of people for which there is at least a 50% chance that two will share the same birthday. 
12. the standard TCP/IP port for Telnet. 
13. one of the "Lost" numbers on the television show....also the sum of two of the other numbers (8 & 15)and the solution to 42-15-4=23, all of which are also Lost numbers. 
14. the number of times Caesar was stabbed in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. 
15. has been prominently featured in the following: Serendipity, Futurama, Star Wars A New Hope, Monty Python The Life of Brian, Seinfeld, The Big Lebowski, The Matrix Reloaded, and Die Hard III among MANY MANY other movies. 
16. the number of flavors Dr. Pepper claims to be a blend of. 
17. the number of distinct orientations of Tetris pieces. 
18. the sum of U2, the greatest band ever. U is the 21st letter of the alphabet. 
19. the number of letters in the latin alphabet. 
20. the number of the Illuminati. 
21. the letter W in the english alphabet, a letter with 2 points down and 3 points up. 
22. the smallest number of integer sided boxes that tile a box such that no two boxes share a common length. 
23. the only US president to serve between nonconsecutive terms of another president (23rd president Benjamin Harrison serving between Grover Cleveland's terms).

Michael Jordan IS number 23. Be like Mike.


3.) One of your friends?: Jordan

A different word for very large penis

Bob has a Jordan, and i like to ride it all night long

Well, the guy IS like, 6'3". I guess at this point it's not so much large as it is proportionate? ...Moving on.

4.) What should you be doing?: Music

Ruined by MTV

We must save music

Indeed, we must. Unless your an entitled, vapid, indoor-bike-helmet-wearing mouth-breather. Then I guess you fit with the Katy Perry and Taio Cruz crowd perfectly. (Yep. Sensitive subject)

5.) Favourite colour?: Indigo

Blue; another word to distinguish the color. Also a substitute for any names with the initials B.Lu. 

Brian Lu is also known as B.Lu but some of us call him Indigo.


6.) Birthplace?: LaSalle, QC

The name of a world-wide network of Roman Catholic schools led by the De La Salle Brothers. The Brothers continue a legacy begun by Saint John Baptist de La Salle of France. For more information, find an official site.

You go to La Salle? 


Is it fun? 

Sure, I guess.

...I don't have anything funny or noteworthy to say about that.

7.) Month of your birth?: November

The month in which the sexiest people are born (especially since most were conceived in february-the month of love-9 months earlier)

She is so hot, she was clearly born in November.

Huh... I guess it DOES make sense...

8.) Last person you talked to?: Laurianne

A misheard young girl who has lot's of friends sometimes goes unnoticed in the population

Laurianne has 20 purses

That's... actually pretty accurate! And she DOES own 20-something purses.

9.) One of your nicknames?: Chintok

French word : 'Chinese'

Il parait que les chintoks ne mangent que du riz.
(In English: "Apparently, 'chintoks' only eat rice.") 

Yeah, apparently, when I had longer hair, I kinda looked like Liu Kang from the Mortal Kombat series. So my friends started calling me "Chinktok" (which, to refine the translation, is a mostly pejorative term to designate Chinese people, kinda the French version of "Chink"). In all my 23 years of existence, I've been told I looked Asian, Mexican, Latino, Italian, Irish, Iroquois (not "Native American", specifically "Iroquois") and so on. I guess I have one of those "Rowan Atkinson" face where I can just put on an accent and pretend I'm from somewhere and people will believe it...

Feel free to steal this meme, add your own questions, and so on.

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