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What do you think of A. S. Phyxia's new looks?
2 deviants said I can dig it!
1 deviant said It's a drastic change, but it works.
No deviants said I don't like it.
Some Things Change, Some Don't by gPsBassist
Some Things Change, Some Don't
That belt... where have we all seen that before?

Oh, no way... Yes way. I decided to modify A. S. Phyxia's looks. Drastically. Most of it is thanks to The-Original-RPer's insight. The look she used to have didn't really fit with the story's new direction. He made me realize she looked more like a weird 1970s comic-relief and/or anti-smoking educational character. That was, of course, never the direction I wanted to give A. S. Phyxia at all. For those who are afraid she's changed "too much", be at ease. She's still the evil British heiress we all know and love. She can still control smoke and turn it into tangible objects. She's still snobby, bossy and wicked. But, she can now store smoke in her coat (to make up for the absence of her old hair) and release the accumulated smoke whenever she wishes.

As for the drawing here, well, what better way to illustrate her character than to show her doing what she does best - knocking people out with her smoke. At the moment, the woman on the right is named Diane Stills, and is the editor-in-chief of the Phyxia Corporation/Celestial Entertainment publishing conglomerate A. S. Phyxia owns. I'll work on her character some other time.

Also, it's my birthday today!

A. S. Phyxia, Diane Stills © :icongpsbassist:
GMPG #3 - Harold Haas by gPsBassist
GMPG #3 - Harold Haas
I decided to modify the Harold pic a bit and start writing his bio for Glenmetropolis. Even though he's been one of my more "comic relief" characters throughout the years, I plan on giving him a serious role in the story. I'm not sure if he'll replace A. S. Phyxia altogether, or just assume her role in the war for power during the first opus. Yes, I did say there's a chance A. S. Phyxia doesn't appear in Glenmetropolis at all. I'm still wrestling with the idea, but if she does end up in the story, it'll be whilst being heavily modified from her current look...

Anyways. This is Harold's bio, not A. S. Phyxia's.

Harold Häas may look the part of the cartoony moustache-twirling villain, but behind his over-the-top antics lies a surprisingly dangerous man. Born in the U.S. to Polish-Austrian parents, Harold enrolled in the military at the age of 18, fighting in the final year of the Vietnam War. There, he met a young man from Arizona by the name of Eric Bauer. Harold and Eric fought alongside each other, and bonded quickly. A little too much for Harold's tastes, even. He found himself thinking of Eric, the very thought of his brother-in-arm enough to send him daydreaming even in the heat of war... Harold, then a bourgeoning young man, didn't know how to deal with these urges. In 1975, especially in the American Armed Forces, the general public wasn't very keen on the idea of accepting homosexuality as a natural concept. The young soldier decided to bottle up his feelings, hoping he would get a chance to confess his feelings to Eric in private, once they returned to the US. As one would imagine, war staying true to her reputation of a cruel mistress, Eric never made it back home...

Emotionally and psychologically ravaged after the war, Harold left the military and moved to Germany, and later to France, exploring the artistic scene of the mid-seventies. It was around this period he developed a taste for paintings and visual arts. Not much of an artist himself (despite years of trying), he soon started collecting and trading various pieces of art. With an innate business acumen, Harold's then-pastime quickly became a prosperous business, as he was even called upon to sponsor emerging talent in the art community. One of those young talents, a French painter known under the nickname Farce, caught his eyes both on the canvas and in real life. The two of them had a decade-long relationship.

It was during his mid-thirdies, as his business thrived and wealth became abundant, that Harold began to dabble in the criminal underworld. A competing art dealer, and known associate of the Russian mob, kidnapped Harold and threw his bound, helpless body in chemical dump in Porcheux, France. Exposed to an astronomic amount of toxins and radiations as his body lay in a puddle of radioactive refuse, it is a pure miracle the man was able to break free from his bounds and drag himself to the nearest hospital, where he received the most immediate of cares due to his condition (and risk of infection to other patients).

Day after day, Harold struggled to stay alive. Months passed, then years... Thanks to his wealth, he was able to receive uninterrupted medical care. He gruellingly, bit by bit, began to get better. After two years and six months, Harold was back at full force. First order of business, thanking the doctors who saved his life.

This is when his powers began to manifest. As he opened his mouth, a thick, sickly greenish miasma escaped from his lips, soon filling the room. Everyone besides him began to wheeze and soon, faint. Alarmed at first, Harold then realized that this newfound ability, probably a residual effect of his exposure to toxic waste, might prove of use when dealing with the men who sent him to the hospital in the first place...

With revenge on his mind, Harold started to hire goons to protect himself, and undermine any competition. And by "undermine", one should really read "tear apart". He then spent the following months after his convalescence plotting his vengeance against the Russians... The plan would come together on the evening of his 37th birthday, as his most loyal henchmen got their hands on Vadim Galchenko, the brains behind operation "leave Harold Häas for dead in chemical sewage", and former art dealing competitor. Tied up, gagged and thoroughly helpless, Galchenko was exposed to the full brunt of Harold's halitosis-on-steroids. The man, stout of constitution, managed to resist... for a few seconds. He fell like a brick shortly after Harold's exhale. As to what happened to him afterwards, no one really knows. The most sadistic believe Harold dismembered him with a hacksaw and buried the disembodied limbs in his vast garden maze. Others say he was packed in a crate and shipped to a storage unit in Denmark. The only certainty is that Galchenko was never seen again after this encounter.

Harold's encounter with Galchenko sparked a flame in him. He already grew more acclimated to criminal endeavours, but personally knocking out another human being... It somehow reminded him of the war. And of Eric... How he was plucked from him before he could tell him his true feelings... The man's already shaky psyche just cracked, leaving an entryway for sociopathic tendencies... Over the next few years Harold began training, developing both hand-to-hand and quarterstaff techniques. He started dabbling in extortion, art thievery and black marketing. Eventually, ParaGON took an interest in the man's criminal activities, but before they could investigate, Harold had moved both his properties and enterprise to Glenmetropolis, Canada, a city ripe for his "unusual practices". 

In a matter of a few years, Harold's art dealing enterprises made him the wealthiest person in Glenmetropolis. But with other eminent criminal masterminds at work, none more powerful than the Chessmaster, Harold was quickly plunged into a war for power. Leading the economic branch of the war, who knows what Harold might buy his way in to get the final say...

As far as personality goes, Harold is arguably stereotypical of the aristocratic, artistic middle-aged snobs we've all seen on television and movies. His slightly campy (yet sophisticated) character meshes well with his utter lack of compassion for people of "lower" social ranking. He takes pleasure in indisposing people he deems "worthless", and won't think twice to use his halitosis against anyone he sees fit, be they friend or foe. For Harold, illiteracy is a crime with severe consequences... He enjoys aged cheese and wine, classical music and gardening. His garden maze is very near and dear to his heart, as it is there he usually disposes of unwanted guests after knocking them out cold with his breath. Disoriented intruders wake up to a series of tall green walls, all seemingly leading nowhere. Harold finds this very humorous... He's got somewhat of a sick sense of humour, indeed...


Name: Harold Häas
Real Name: Harold Lucian Amherst von Häas, IV
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 117 lbs.
Age: 53
IQ: 161
Hair: Light Gray
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Art dealer, art smuggler, criminal
Lives In: Glenmetropolis, Québec, Canada
Nationality: American
Birthplace: Beltzerville, Oregon, United States of America
Alignment: The Department of Insidious Endeavours (D.I.E.)
Family: All deceased
Marital Status: Single
Combat Archetype: Mutant (Radiation)
Source Of Power: Traces of chemical reagents attached to his lungs
Signature Style: A combination of close-quarter combat and use of toxin-enhanced halitosis
Weapon(s): Hand-carved ornate sceptre
Motivation For Seeking The Guidelight: Ensure complete economic dominance over the city.
Improved - Harold's Set-Up by gPsBassist
Improved - Harold's Set-Up
So here we are, three months after I got my tablet, and there's been quite a few changes in my art style since. To prove that (mostly to myself), I decided to redraw this: Harold's Set-Up by gPsBassist, which is the first drawing I did completely on my tablet (meaning I didn't use one of my unfinished sketches and just drawing over it). Also, there were many things that bugged me with the original. Harold looks WAY too old in the first drawing. There are also a lot of technical flaws - non-solid line work, non-solid colours, the background is very simplistic and shows through some areas of the colouring/line work, the cloud looks like a piece of cheese floating around, Chuck's expression is messed up six ways to Sunday, and many other things weren't exactly to my taste.

I also wanted to try a new colour palette for both character in there, starting by having different skin tones for beach bum Chuck and indoor-dwelling Harold. Harold's smoking jacket looks smoother this way, I think, too. As I said with the work in progress drawing, I might line he fur collar with a golden outline. Not sure yet though. I also wanted to change Chuck's pose to express apprehension and insecurity more. On the original, he looks like an idiot, standing idle, barely concerned that he's gonna pass out. Now he looks more aware of the situation (he's still helpless though).

There are still some mistakes here and there, but all in all I feel like I did improve a bit.

Chuck Itawt, Harold Häas ©
Harold, Modified by gPsBassist
Harold, Modified
Ok. So, here's a tip for all of you transitioning from traditional media to tablets - PRACTICE before you draw. I've been looking at my first drawing of Harold I did with my Cintiq... And let me tell you, it sucked. Even the outline isn't solid. Like, there are HOLES in the line work/colouring, the background shows through, and Harold himself looks like he's 15 years older than he should. It's a mess. That's why I decided to redraw it. The whole thing. I've started with Harold (as you can plainly see), for two reasons. One, the other character in the drawing is just a placeholder character. Two, I wanted to try a different colour scheme with Harold. It's been in my mind for quite a while now, although I might add a golden line around the fur collar, but I'm still not married to that idea yet.

And yes. I had to put in a skull in his halitosis cloud, because you can't avoid stereotypes altogether.
Please note - this will be headed to scraps once I finish it (add the other character and text).

Harold Häas © :icongpsbassist:

Looking For An Art Partner

Thu Nov 20, 2014, 7:43 PM

Hey guys!

That's right. I've come to realize that as much as I like drawing, comics are not an art form I perform well at. I'll admit, I don't consume a lot of comics (or comic-related stuff) so I'm not exactly immersed in the artistic universe as much as other artists. But I do like to write. And I believe my characters, storylines and ideas can lead to something good. I just don't have the resources to turn my thoughts into proper comics. That's why I'm looking for someone who would be willing to embark with me in an artistic journey to explore the realm of Glenmetropolis with me. A collaboration, in short. I'm not sure there's even any anticipation for it, but Glenmetropolis is a story that I've been working hard on for years now, modifying characters, finding and setting the proper tone, and recently I've been giving it more direction towards what I want it to be. It's something I'm committed to. And I would like to have something to show for.

A few clarifications first. One, if someone agrees to collaborate,  that doesn't mean I'll stop drawing. I like to draw out-of-context scenes and character profiles, it's what I've been doing ever since I joined dA in fact. But comics are a language I don't speak personally. I understand their general form, but I can't make a decent one for the life of me. Second, and it's an important one - I'm not looking to hire someone. I'm a university, my belt is so tight I can barely feel my waist. I cannot pay anyone to do this, unfortunately. And third, I'm open to ideas from collaborators. I'm not looking for a rigid, one-way "you do what I tell you to draw" kind of thing. Artists on dA are some of the most imaginative on Earth, so you better believe I'll pay attention to cues and suggestions sent my way.

If you're interested, please give me a sign. It would literally make my month.

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What do you think of A. S. Phyxia's new looks? 

2 deviants said I can dig it!
1 deviant said It's a drastic change, but it works.
No deviants said I don't like it.


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