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So... Should I do it? LiveStream around 9h30 Eastern (GMT -4h00) tomorrow night. Working on either of those two designs. Would love to see you there!

Kingsaim (Howlin' Bones) - WIP Redesign by gPsBassist OR  Anna Cole - WIP Redesign by gPsBassist

So, what's it gonna be?

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It's A Meme, Ario!

Tue Oct 28, 2014, 7:42 PM

...Get it? Anyways. Wasn't tagged by anyone but felt like doing it.


Your real name: Marc somethingsomethingsomething

Height: 5'10"

Natural hair colour: Dark brown, almost black.

Eye colour: Please refer yourself to my last answer.

Skin color: Sickly.

Glasses/contacts?: Not yet.

Piercings: I want gauges.

Tattoos: Soon!

Braces: Nope. I have a dorky smile to prove it.

Mannerisms: I scratch my upper lip with the back of my thumb when I'm nervous.

Other distinctive markings: I'm three ducks in a man costume.


Colour: Uhh... Hmm... Lemme think...

Band: Pink Floyd

Video game: Donkey Kong Country II: Diddy's Kong Quest

Movie: The Blues Brothers

Book: Fab: An Intimate Life Of Paul McCartney

Food: Tortellini

Game on a cell phone: 2048 (It's the only game I have).

CD: Dream Theater - Metropolis Part II: Scenes From A Memory

Flower: Wut?

Scent: Women wearing light perfumes. 

Animal: The graceful white rhino. And by graceful, I mean rugged.

Comic book: ...None. I don't read comics.

Cereal: Cinnamon. Toast. CRUNCH!

Website: dA.

Cartoon: Archer, Family Guy, Futurama.


Play an instrument?: I play four (bass, guitar, keyboards and drums).

Watch TV more than 60 hours a week?: Not anymore (University...)

Like to sing?: Yes! 

Have a job?: Postal office clerk.

Have a cell phone?: ...Do you not?

Like to play sports? I uh... nope...

Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Nope.

Have a crush on someone?:  ...Yup.

Live somewhere NOT in the united states?: A lot of people don't live in the US guys. I'm a Canadian myself.

Have more than 5 TVs in your house?: Nope. 

Have any special talents/skills?: Cynicism! Also, predicting when someone's about to sneeze.

Exercise daily?: I do a LOT of stairway scaling due to subways/university. It counts. Shut up. 

Like school?: Learning is fun!


Sing the alphabet backwards?: Why would you want to be able to do that in the first place? 

Stand on your tip toes without wearing shoes: ...Do you not?!

Speak any other languages?: Je suis francophone, alors je vous laisse deviner. J'utilise l'anglais plus souvent dans ma vie quotidienne par contre (sauf à l'école).

Go a day without food?: ...I would cry.

Remember your dreams: All. The. Time.

Read music, not just tabs?: It takes me a while, but yes.

Roll your tongue?: Yes.

Eat a whole pizza: :D (Big Grin)


Won something in the lottery?: A wake-up call; Lottery is bull.

Snuck out of the house?: I think so, once...

Lied to get out of trouble?: Yes. No. Maybe. Wouldn't you like to know...

Had a computer crash?: I has teh magikk iMac, so not anymore.

Gotten lost in your city?: Yes... I was 9... And I was fuckin' scared...

Seen a shooting star?: Nah.

Been to any other countries?: The self-appointed center of the universe. Wildwood thrice, New York once.

Had a serious surgery?:  Nah. Thank god, I'd stress the fuck out.

Stolen something important to someone else?:  ...I used to be an asshole.

Solved a rubiks cube?: "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

Gone out in public in your pajamas?: To throw out the trash, yes.

Cried over a girl?: So... so, so emotive...

Cried over a boy?: ...My best friend, about seven years ago. Long story short, when someone doesn't sleep for 42 hours they're not responsible for what they say.

Kissed a random stranger?: ...That'd be creepy.

Hugged a random stranger?: Yes... mistook them for a friend of mine...

Been in a fist fight?: Yes...

Been arrested?: Nope.

Done drugs?: Weed. I really don't see the appeal, although I'll partake once in a blue moon.

Had alcohol?: Yes. Whiskey and gummy bears - The warrior's breakfast.

Laughed and had milk come out of your nose?: Moo.

Pushed all the buttons on an elevator?: Who does that?!!

Sneaked into the opposite sex's bathroom?: "Sneaked" in? No. Went in? Yes.

Gone to school only to find you had the day off because of a holiday/etc?:  ...Fuck I hate when that happens.

Swore at your parents?: Fuck yeah.

Kicked a guy where it hurts?: ...Roundhouse!

Been to a casino?: I don't gamble for money.

Ran over an animal and killed it?: I also don't drive.

Broken a bone?: Several. Wait, you mean, one of mine?

Gotten stitches?: Nope.

Had a water balloon fight in winter?: Played frisbee, but no water balloons.

Made homemade muffins?: Pancakes, but no muffins.

Bitten someone?: ...Hahahahaha....

Been to disneyland/disneyworld?: DIDNEY WORL! ...Nope.

Burped in someone's face?: It's been a while.


Brushed your teeth: This morning.

Cried: I try not to.

Went to the bathroom: A few hours ago.

Saw a movie in a theater: ...When was Thor II?

Read a book: I'm a university student. Half of my life consists of reading books -_-;

Had a snow day: Last winter.

Had a party: PARTY!!!

Went to a doctor: ...Seriously, when was Thor II?! 

Tripped in front of someone: Yep...

Went to the grocery store: Saturday two weeks ago.

Got sick: I dunno...

Got cursed: Meh, I don't hang out with shamans anymore, so...

Called someone: Yesterday.


Fruit/vegetables: Only ORGANIC donuts.

Black/white: Why is it always a racial thing with you people?!

Lights on/lights off: I'm fine with either.

TV/movie: Dat TEEVEE!

Body spray/lotion: ...Soap?

Cash/cheque: Moneymoneymoney. Money.

Pillows/blankets: Blankets. I can sleep without a pillow.

Headache/stomach ache: Neither!

Paint/charcoal: Paint.

Chinese food/Mexican food: No me gustan los heartburns. So neither.

Summer/winter: The one that's coming.

Snow/rain: I'm fine with either as long as I don't have to walk for a long period outside.

Fog/misty: Brock, and Ash. Wait. What was the question?

Rock/rap: Rock. Actual rock, not that "alternative" bullshit.

Meat/vegetarian: Dial "O" for "Omnivore"

Chocolate/vanilla: ...Still racial, I see! (Vanilla).

Sprinkles/icing: Sprinkles. I'm a Canadian, you get two minutes for icing here (Hockey reference, oho!)

Cake/pie: It's a lie!

Strawberries/blueberries: Booberry.

Ocean/swimming pool: Both.

Cookies/muffins: Cookies.

Wallet/pocket: Wallet

Window/door: Preferably, yes.

Charles Chaplin/Chespirito: ...Who's the second guy?

Pink/purple: Purple.

Cat/dog: I'm a cat person. Like, literally.

Long sleeve/short sleeve: Shirts? Short sleeves. Tattoos? Full sleeves.

Pants/shorts: WHO LIKES SHORT SHORTS? ...Not me.

Winter break/spring break: Winter break.

Spring/autumn: Autumn.

Clouds/clear sky: Clear skies.

Moon/mars:  [insert answer]. Prism. POWER! (I watched Sailor [insert answer] when I was a kid. Helped me learn english. And gender roles!)

Questions/Answers: I dunno.

War/Peace: Why the fuck would anyone pick war? I mean, do you ENJOY sending troops to their deaths for nonsensical ideologies or literal economic theft?!


Do you believe in love?: Nope. But. I do believe in life after love (AFTER LOVE, AFTER LOVE, AFTER LOVE)

What's the most important kind of love for you?: The one that goes both ways.

Have you ever been in love?: Yes...

Been close to love?: What does that mean?

If you have, with who?: Uh,,,

Ever confessed your feelings to the one you loved?: Yeah... always turns out badly...

Really badly so that it actually hurts and you cry at night?: Not anymore, but yeah... I cried on a hammock for three straight hours until my best friend's GF snapped me out of it, once.

Are you in a relationship?: Nope!

If so, for how long?: ...What are you, illiterate?

Do you believe there is someone for everyone?: Yes. Theory of compatibility.

What is your idea of the best date?: The best date is one that isn't a date. Just hanging out with someone you love, and fall for each other.

What was your first kiss like?: Two butter churns (our tongues) spinning out of control. Plus, we'd just eaten pizza, both of us. Our breaths were... Well, let's cut to the chase - it wasn't great.

How old were you when you got your first kiss?: 13

Do you think love is worth nothing?: This question is worth nothing!

Best experience you've ever had with the opposite sex: Being able to reflect upon myself through someone else. (Get your mind out of the gutter people!).

If you are single, have you had any boyfriends/girlfriends before?: Once. In sixth grade...

Have you ever dumped someone?: ...Yeah...


Am: Strange.

Want: To be able to put the music I have in my head unto music sheets.

Need: TIME!!!!!!!

Love: To love, but my baby just wants to dance!

Hate: Aggravated stupidity.

Feel: Good! (Dunuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuh!)

Did: Naht hit her! It's bullshit! I did naht!

Miss: Being a kid. Mainly because I could collect stuff without feeling like a dork.


Would rather: :iconavgnplz: "Have a buffalo take a diarrhea dump in my ear!!!"

Am tired of: People saying outlandishly stupid shit in my psychology class.

Will always: Be creative.


What is your favorite genre(s) of music?: Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, Metal, 80s New Wave/Pop, Disco, Jazz Fusion (in that order).

What time is it now?: 10:22 pm.

How much money do you have right now?: Change for the bus.

Are you hungry right now?: I'm the cookie monster. So yeah.

What are you doing right now?: Watching Ink Master (pay attention, yo!)

Do you like parades?: Nah...

Do you like the moon?: Yes. 

What are you going to do when you're done with this?: Remind people that I'm doing a LiveStream this Thursday evening!

If you could have any magical power what would it be?: To control time.


Funny?: I have my moments.

Cool?: Nah...

Pretty?: Meh... kinda?

Sarcastic?: Me? Nah...

Lazy?: Yep.

Hyper?: Sometimes.

Friendly?: Unless you give me a reason not to be, yes.

Evil?: I'm Handsome Jack, baby.

Unforgettable?: ...What?

Smart?: That, I know I am.

Strong?: Define "Strong"...

Talented?: In some areas.

Dorky?: Fuck. Yes.


High: Brow

Lonely: Day

Pen: Stiller

Flower: Power

Window: Quit Unexpectedly 

Psycho: Killer (Qu'est-ce que c'est? Fa-fa-fa-faaaaaaa, fa-fa-fa-fa-faaaaa, far, better!)

Brain Freeze: Politics

Strange: Emily

Sassy: Gillian Jacobs

Suffering: Schmuffering

Art: Tart


Sky dive?: I'm not fond of heights. So nope.

Run away?: Run run run, run, run run, run a-awaaaaaay!!!! Seriously, probably. Haven't yet though.

Curse at a teacher?: Yes. Respect is not a one-way street.

Not take a shower for a week?: ...Peyote is one HELL of a drug!

Ask someone out?: Yes!

Unscrew your cellphone to see what's inside?: I'm not rocket surgeon.

Lie to someone to make them think better of you?: I overcame mythomania a few years back, so, I did in the past.

Visit a foreign country for more than a month?: For more than a month? Nope.

Go scuba diving?: Yeah! But not in Australia.

Write a book?: I wanted to, once.

Assemble a computer?: I'm still not rocket surgeon.

Become a rock star?: YES! FUCK YES!

Have a long-distance relationship?: Nope. I guess that kinda goes into antithesis territory when you look at my answer on last question.

Marry someone you don't know?: ...Why would you want to do that?!


What kind of computer do you have?: iMac. 

What grade/level of studies are you in? University.

Do you like to throw popcorn at people in the movies?: I don't eat popcorn.

How many posters do you have in your room? In my room? Nope. In my study, six. ...I have a study. Somewhat.

Feel free to tag yourself and remember, I'm doing a LiveStream this Thursday evening!


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LiveStream On Thursday?

Mon Oct 27, 2014, 6:20 AM

I'm giving this LiveStream thing one last try this Thursday evening, around 9h30-10h00 Eastern (GMT -4h00). I'll be completing one of these two sketches:

Kingsaim (Howlin' Bones) - WIP Redesign by gPsBassist or Anna Cole - WIP Redesign by gPsBassist

If you want to tip the scales in favour of one of the drawings, drop a line in this journal!

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So... Should I do it? LiveStream around 9h30 Eastern (GMT -4h00) tomorrow night. Working on either of those two designs. Would love to see you there!

Kingsaim (Howlin' Bones) - WIP Redesign by gPsBassist OR  Anna Cole - WIP Redesign by gPsBassist

So, what's it gonna be?

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  • Listening to: Devin Townsend - Coast


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Personal Quote: "...Fak c'est ça."

Who'd be interested in seeing me do a Glenmetropolis Livestream? 

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